flight simulation simulator gameYou have the option to choose between the VirtualPilot3D™ premium package or the standard package. The Full Worldwide Premium Scenery Set includes scenery, landscapes and cities from practically the entire world!

You can fly over your own house, visit cities you've always wanted to see, airports, mountains, valleys, rivers and much, much more.

flight simulation simulator gameOur base install package includes scenery for a small area around San Francisco but our expanded package includes extremely high resolution scenery for the ENTIRE planet – that's right you can fly anywhere you want – over the Andes Mountains, across the Atlantic Ocean, over the Eiffel Tower in Paris, anywhere!

It also includes high-definition cities, buildings, roads, landscapes, objects and realistic urban areas including ground lighting and night lights. The view is from your cockpit is spectacular. It is the closest thing to actually flying the aircraft!

flight simulation simulator game

virtualpilot worldwide scenery downloadFor true flight lovers, the decision is easy... the premium worldwide scenery set offers you 100% flying freedom! It is your chance to go places and experience flight thrills that you never would have been able to otherwise...

The premium hi-res worldwide set retails for $289.95. However, we're offering a deep discount price of $127 if you order today. Yes, that's right. It is almost $165 in savings if you order now. (This is a limited time special, and the price will go up to the regular $289.95 after the next update expected this week)

(But do note that this is a *limited* offer and we reserve
the right to end this discount at anytime.)

Airplane Simulator & Helicopter Simulator

(NOTE: All packages are digitally downloaded via a members area. No DVDs are shipped.
If you want the 4-DVD edition, you can opt for it in the members area for a small fee)

in 2 day Update: Special
Discounted Price Available:
( Best value package with full features, most people choose this option...)

P.S. The VIP Premium package will go back up to $289.95 soon . The truth is, just about everyone chooses the Premium package, and it sells almost as good when priced higher. There's no reason for me to leave it at this price much longer... it would just be a bad business decision. So get it while the getting's good!

P.P.S: The premium package gives you the most complete flight experience on a personal computer. It is the closest thing to actually flying the aircraft! Order the VIP Premium package now and take to the skies! >>


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